Does your sofa look like this?? Mine does! Maybe it’s because I am insane & purchased an off white linen sofa for my family room when I have 3 boy’s under the age of 10, OR… maybe its because I have no control over my children & even though I say they can’t eat or drink on the sofa they do it anyway, OR… maybe its because my dog chewed up the new paint set I bought the boy’s for Christmas & got the paint all over the sofa! Where did these children come from & who are their parents?

So here are my quick & easy low cost fixes for a stained sofa. Take a table cloth, coverlet or any fabric you may have around the house that is washable & cover the center of the sofa cushion & back. (My little trick: I keep the fabric in place with the bedskirt screws that you get at Bed, Bath & Beyond) 🙂

Another thing I like to do is change the look of my sofa. (I get bored very easily!) A great way to do this is by changing up the pillows. Below, I removed the back cushion’s, replaced them with large throw pillows & then added a few smaller throw pillow from West Elm.

And this is what my sofa looks like when it’s clean.

Have fun changing up your sofa!





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