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My First Hate Mail!

I knew with this HGTV Star experience I would get the good with the bad & that being said, I received my first hate mail yesterday! I know this shouldn't make me happy but it thrills me to death & I can't help but laugh every time I read it! I'm sorta not surprised considering the drama portrayed between Boris & I on sunday's episode but not everything is the way it seems :) Anyways without further delay, my first…

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HGTV Star Premiere Party!

Watching last nights premiere was so surreal! We had a premiere party at a local wine bar & a group of my closest friends & family there to help celebrate! It was such a blast but we're all feeling it a little this morning ;) Thanks for all the support and don't forget to vote me for fan favorite HERE! Below are some pics from last nights episode! And I don't care what they say, I love my wallpaper in…

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HGTV STAR // My wallpaper sneak peek!

We're getting so close! & with that comes sneak peeks on!! Before filming back in Feb, we had to design two wallpapers & two fabrics that we would have to use during one of our challenges & this week they chose my wallpaper as part of their preview collage below! It was so freaking awesome to see it come to life!! One week everyone! We can't wait! There is also a new promo up & running & you can…

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New Gallery Wall & Wallpaper!

  So today we are shooting a segment with Channel 6 & we're so excited! We have been going crazy trying to get everything done with the house so it looks perfect!! The last of the wallpaper, draperies & art went up this week & we had to show you some sneak peeks! The only thing that super sucks is my un-permanent gallery wall :( HG Arts was totally awesome & let us borrow some fabulous artwork (even some originals!!)…

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Life // New Draperies

Happy Friday!! We wanted to share a couple sneak peaks of some of the new installments in the house this past week! We installed two sets of my custom curtains & yes that is a woman on one.. & I'm obsessed.  I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get all the finishing touches done before a home interview with our local Channel 6 next week! So much to do so little time..…

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Lovin’ it // Empiric Lawatch Chairs

Empiric Lawatch, you sexy thing, you. As if you couldn't tell, we're obsessing over this recent chair find of ours! This fabulous little piece was inspired by a 1940’s chair manufactured for Desmond’s Dept Store on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. We are especially loving the touch of Kelly Wearstler on that top chair! So freaking in love!!

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