I have been searching for a book to grasp me the way 50 Shades did but have come up short until NOW. I hate to blow the book out of proportion because it’s not 50 Shades, trust me, but I could not put it down! It was a little bit like a drug. The characters are in college so there is an adolescent/immature quality to the book but I quickly got over that. The intensity of their connection is soooo good, the secondary characters keep you interested & theres such a good back story on both the main characters which of course keeps you reading. So here’s a little taste..

The main characters are Travis Maddox & Abby Abernathy. Travis is the new love in my life, Abby which Travis nickname’s Pigeon (I was not a fan but it grew on me) is running from her past & Travis is not the future she is looking for. There are so many ups & down & it gets really frustrating at times but it keeps the suspense going & don’t worry it ends happy!

Of course I have the visuals for you! So my two choices are Chris Zylka of The new Spider-man Movie, The Secret & Circle & now American Horror Story as “Travis Maddox”. He is so yummy I can’t stand it! And then Emmy Rossum as Pigeon/Abby Abernathy.

And if that’s not enough inspiration to read “Beautiful Disaster” I even have 2 theme songs for this book.

Alex Clare “Too Close” & Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars”

I should soooo be a casting directer!!




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