I have a confession to make. It’s a very unpopular admission during the festive holiday season but I just must get it off my chest.


There. I said it. My deep, dark holiday secret.

You see, I’m a DESIGNER. DESIGN is very different from décor. Design includes room layouts, fabric patterns and textures, furniture and art selection, lighting, flooring and more. DÉCOR is throws, and candles and decorative objects placed in specific places to enhance the aesthetic of a room.

I own a home and I’ve designed that home EXACTLY as I want it to be. Chairs are where I want them, tables and bookshelves and sofas are arranged to my very specific liking.

And then Christmas happens and I have to “make room” for a tree and a Santa and the other kitschy items that accompany every holiday. Because, you know.. I have kids and kids are all about the kitsch. And these holiday decorations? You may see a lighted sleigh or a hand-carved Christmas tree; I see clutter. Nothing but clutter… festive clutter cluttering up my home. Red and green and silver and gold clutter that doesn’t even MATCH! Clutter, clutter, clutter. But, as a parent, I breathe deeply and make my cocktails extra strong throughout the month of December so my boys don’t call me Grinch. Then, on December 26th, in true Grinch fashion, all holiday décor is removed and put back in storage and I can breathe easily for the next eleven months.

I give you “Christmas at Chez Rue”. This is as good as it gets for my family 😊


Anne Rue Interior Designer's Christmas Items

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