We’re back again with our second installment, no pun intended, of processes as we design the K. Hovnanian Four Seasons clubhouse. If you’re just tuning in, make sure you check out Part I to see the active adult lifestyle space we are designing. Today, we’re talking all things flooring! Choosing the right floors can seem like a daunting task, as there are many materials to choose from. My advice, start by being realistic about what activity will take place in the room. Ask yourself the following:

  • Will this room see lots of traction?
  • Will young children or elderly adults need to make their way through this room?
  • Will pets and children be active in this room?
  • Will things be moved around in this room that could potentially scratch the flooring?
  • Is this an active play space or a rarely used featured room?

Answering these basic questions will give you an idea of what materials will work best in your space. For this project, I really wanted to use this sillito tile or Mexican tile at first. It is unique and captures what the British West Indies style is all about.
However, I came to the realization that this tile is uneven and the grout lines can be a tripping hazard. This is not ideal for an adult living space. So i came up with these alternatives of luxury vinyl tile or what we simply call it, LVT. This tile is not actually tile at all! It is installed in pieces to look like wood floors, and is almost indestructible. This type of flooring is perfect for an entertaining space that will get a lot of traction, but still looks really nice and ties a room together.Plain dark flooring is so boring! So I created a pattern that uses light and dark LVT, still matching the rich tones of British West Indies design, giving it a little flair, and matching up with the functional needs of this clubhouse.Thanks for checking in, still so much more to come on this project.

Always Inspired,

Anne Rue

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