It’s not everyday you get a client who is open to dramatic wood flooring so when one of our recent clients was not opposed, we were crazy thrilled! I have been pinning fun patterned floors left and right since and figured I’d share my favorite 10 so far. Intricate floors can be a gutsy move but in the right space with the right surroundings they can be absolutely stunning. Some options below have a more subtle appearance using different cuts and tones of wood while others actually incorporate multiple materials in more daring patterns. It can be a fabulous statement and great option if you’re looking for a little drama in your space!

All photos and their sources can be found on my Pinterest page!

ARI-Blog-Patterned-Wood-Floors-03 ARI-Blog-Patterned-Wood-Floors-04 ARI-Blog-Patterned-Wood-Floors-02 ARI-Blog-Patterned-Wood-Floors-05 ARI-Blog-Patterned-Wood-Floors-01

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