How to find the perfect sofa?

When I’m working with my clients to select the perfect sofa I have to ask a few questions?

1) Where is this sofa going? There’s a big difference between a family room sofa & a living room sofa!

2) How do you sit on your sofa? Do you sit up or lay down?

These 2 questions are much more important than what style you are looking for & what type of fabric you are thinking about. Those are the easy things to find!


Let’s start with the Family Room sofa.

My #1 rule for the Family Room sofa is, it needs to be at least 38″ deep. This will allow you to sit up, lay down & most of all be very comfortable! Here are my top selling Family Room sofa’s from Lee Industries

Sofa #1

Sofa #2 – this is the same sofa as #1 but with a slip cover!

Sofa #3 – has a bench seat! If you like to lay down on your sofa, this is the one for you.

Sofa #4 – this is a tight back sofa which most people don’t think will be comfortable but don’t let looks deceive you! This is a low maintenance comfortable sofa, with NO cushions to fluff!




Now! Lets talk Living Room sofas.

Most living room sofa’s are there to make a statement or just look good period! So what I focus on most is the lines of the sofa.

Here are my top selling Living Room sofa’s from Lee Industries

Sofa #1

Sofa #2

Sofa #3


Sofa #4

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