This week has been CRAZZYY!! Our entire crew traveled over to the Villages in Wildwood, FL where we finally began the big install in the areas newest retirement community, Providence Independent Living!! This year & a half long project is finally coming to a close but with that comes the install & tons of work! A lot of people think my job is all fun & glitz but I get down & DURTAAYYY!! No high heels & micro manage, finger pointing here!! We had to have ripped open hundreds of boxes, carried furniture all over the properties three floors all while working throughout the one MILLION loud ass fire alarm tests. The first day was a lot of the large pieces but wednesday was all christmas opening up stuff I had bought at market back at the end of last year! Christmas dies quickly, however, when  you realize how much shit you have to put together yourself!! All in all, though, I have the most badass team & the best handy men in the biz! Our little muscle man Johnnie can be seen below, singing “I always knew I would be a star” & pageant posing while unloading the truck. Gotta have a little fun on the job or we’ll go NUTS! Next week I will show you some of the finished product! Can’t wait!

Happy Friday!

// Anne Rue is an Interior Designer located in the Orlando, Central Florida, Lake Mary area focusing on residential & commercial design. //

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