Coffee tables are often overlooked when it comes to designing one’s space. I get it, finding the perfect table for your living room is hard enough. Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is style it. That being said, styling your coffee table, or even a living room ottoman, can really make a your space pop! Here are our top tips for styling your coffee table:


Establish a cohesive element

Whether it’s a color, theme, or a shape, picking an element that is consistent throughout every decorative piece is important in making your coffee table flow. Achieve this by having all of the coffee table books share the same topic, and choosing decorative pieces that relate to that topic. Or, you can have everything tie together with the same color through flowers, candles, trays, and accent pieces.


Symmetry & Asymmetry

People love balance when it comes to design. Finding two flower arrangements or two small accent pieces might be a good option. Although, don’t forget that a little asymmetry can be just as appealing to the eye. I like using large coffee table books, a few smaller pieces, and incorporating one taller object to create vivacity within the room.


Feed off of the rest of the room

If your walls are white and you have a neutral, light colored table, play around with bright and vibrant colors on your coffee table. For darker tables, go with metallic decor and white flowers.


Conversation starters

There’s nothing better than letting your style and design speak for you. Adding a focal piece like a funky tray, or an intriguing coffee table book will start conversation and add spunk to both the house and the discussions you have!


Keep it simple

Although styling can be fun, it’s important to also be practical when styling your coffee table. Don’t forget the table also needs to hold the remote controls, and have open areas for your wine glass or coffee cup.

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