My recent hairdo has received a lot of attention & compliments lately! Everyone likes to ask how I get all the colors in there?! Well, they are extensions! & that’s not just the colored strands but actually all my hair is extensions! I am a person that loves change, so about 2 years ago I got the Halle Barry pixie cut. I loved it & had it for a while but contrary to popular belief, short hair is a lot of work! I was getting it cut constantly! So I asked around & interviewed several stylists that do extensions & decided to go for it. They are a little hard to get used to at first but after a few days you don’t feel a thing!

My extensions are SHE by SO.CAP. They are glued in & last about 4 months. There are many different types & brands of extensions, though, that can be sewed, glued or clipped in!

All the celebrities are wearing them & as you can see below you can get very creative with them!



SHE by SO.CAP color wheel

SHE by SO.CAP Feather Extensions










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