This wait has been unbearable. Our office has been anticipating this announcement since we finished the books over a year ago! Now, I don’t watch a ton of TV so I was unaware of this Son’s of Anarchy star & at first glance I was in shock that the man with the non-orderly beard & long locks was our Christian. Christian is clean cut, sexy, & suave. But I kept staring down at this hobo scruffy-faced man. Yeah sure, perfect for Son’s of Anarchy but not Christian Grey. The BLONDE girl pictured next to him farthest from my mind, I frantically  jumped on google images & searched for anything that would suggest why the HELL this biker blondie was chosen. A few beardless, shirtless pictures later I exhaled. Shave that beard & free yourself! Charlie Hunnam, your baby face is perfection & I can’t wait to see it in the red room of pain.


Now I couldn’t picture Anastasia with blonde hair so I immediately searched for a brunette version of the chosen one & am thinking they did a great job. Anastasia was “girl next door” pretty & I think Dakota emulates her perfectly. From what I had read over the past year, E.L. James was VERY involved in her choices for the two lead roles & I have to imagine she chose these two for a very specific reason & must be perfect for the parts. I CAN’T WAIT!!! Now we just have to figure out how they will make this film without it being a porno..


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