Happy Monday, All!

So how about my girl, Tiff?!? She killed it last night! And I had an absolute blast working with Brooks! It was an amazing adventure to work with such an innovative designer! There is so much creativity in that crazy head & wacky hair of his, I can’t wait to see what he brings us in the future! All in all, this experience was one of the most amazing of my life & my love for & friendships with the other 9 contestants will be lifelong! I can’t thank you all enough for all the love & support during this journey! And just a reminder, there’s only a few days left to vote for your Fan Fave @ www.fanvote.hgtv.com because you know you want to see more of me!! 🙂HSTARN807_Contestants_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Bedroom_Bedside-Accessories_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Bedroom-Chair-Pillows_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Bedroom-Wide-2_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Sofa-Table_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Bar_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Seating-Area-Yellow-2_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Living-Room-Wide_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Dining-Room-Wide_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-Entryway-Console-Wallpaper_v_lg HSTARN807_Anne-SCJ-Windex-Touch-Up_h_lg HSTARN807_Brooks-With-Team_h_lg

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