Did y’all watch Episode 3?! Here are some photos from this weeks episode where Jerabai & I paired up to design a living room space for actual clients!

Now, this week was super emotional for me. I was really starting to feel the effects of not being able to speak or be home with my family & on top of it all it was missing one of my boys 8th birthday!! I don’t cry often but that week it totally happened. It also didn’t help not knowing how any of the others designer’s rooms turned out especially with my MIA draperies!! OH lawd it was crazy but Jerabai and I loved working together & after watching Sunday night I thought we did amazing! Can’t wait for next week!
Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-Star-Week-3Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-Star-Week-3-03Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-Star-Week-3-02Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-star-week-3-BEFOREHGTV Star Episode 803HGTV Star Episode 803Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-Star-Week-3-13Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-star-week-3-07Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-star-week-3-BEFORE-2HGTV Star Episode 803Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-Star-week-3-AFTERAnne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-star-week-3-10Anne-Rue-Interiors-HGTV-Star-Week-3-04

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