Here’s our favorites from our 3rd day at market! We were totally exhausted from the prior days extra curricular activities but we had another fabulous day of shopping while also getting the chance to catch up with the lovely, Genevieve over in the HGTV Showroom!

IMG_0568_2_2IMG_0571_2_2 IMG_0572_2_2 IMG_0574_2 IMG_0576_2 IMG_0580_2 IMG_0600_3 IMG_0601_3 IMG_0603_2_2 IMG_0606_2 IMG_0607_2 IMG_0609_2IMG_0610_2 IMG_0614_2 IMG_0616_2 IMG_0618_2 IMG_0622_2 IMG_0623_2 IMG_0625_2 IMG_0626_2 IMG_0630_2 IMG_0634_2 IMG_0644_2 IMG_0645_2 IMG_0646_2 IMG_0648_3 IMG_0650_2IMG_0689_3 IMG_0687_3 IMG_0686_2_2 IMG_0683_2 IMG_0681_2 IMG_0679_2 IMG_0673_2 IMG_0660_3 IMG_0662_2 IMG_0666_2 IMG_0667_2 IMG_0668_2  IMG_0598_3IMG_0597_4IMG_0652_2 IMG_0657_2 IMG_0672_2 IMG_0671_2 IMG_0651_2IMG_0664_2 IMG_0665_2 IMG_0674_3 IMG_0678_2 IMG_0690_2_2 IMG_0691_2_2 IMG_0693_2_2 IMG_0694_2_2 IMG_0694_3 IMG_0695_2_2 IMG_0696_2_2 IMG_0696_3 IMG_0697_2_2 IMG_0697_3 IMG_0698_2_2 IMG_0698_3 IMG_0699_2_2 IMG_0699_3 IMG_0700_2_2 IMG_0700_3 IMG_0701_2_2 IMG_0701_3 IMG_0702_2_2 IMG_0703_2_2 IMG_0703_3 IMG_0705_2_2 IMG_0705_3 IMG_0707_2_2 IMG_0708_2_2 IMG_0709_2_3 IMG_0710_2_2 IMG_0713_2_2 IMG_0714_2_2 IMG_0717_2_2 IMG_0719_2_2 IMG_0720_3 IMG_0721_2 IMG_0723_2 IMG_0725_2 IMG_0726_2 IMG_0727_2 IMG_0728_2 IMG_0729_2 IMG_0730_2 IMG_0731_2 IMG_0732_2IMG_0733_2 IMG_0734_2 IMG_0736_2 IMG_0738_2 IMG_0739_2 IMG_0745_2 IMG_0746_2                 IMG_0791_2IMG_0751_2IMG_0765_3IMG_0768_2IMG_0769_2IMG_0770_2IMG_0771_2IMG_0772_2IMG_0774_2IMG_0776_2IMG_0778_2IMG_0779_2IMG_0782_2IMG_0783_2IMG_0784_2IMG_0785_2IMG_0786_2IMG_0788_2 IMG_0793_2 IMG_0794_2 IMG_0795_2

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