Give your friends and family a gift that will make them feel right at home! These are my top 5 picks I would love as a home gift for the holidays.

  1. Velvet Gucci Cushion – We all have that one friend who likes something a little bit, “extra” in their home. This “Guccification” throw pillow really spoke to me. It is perfect for your most fabulous friend or family member who likes bold colors and a pop of luxury in every corner of their home.
  2. Jan Barboglio Guadalupe Decanter –  I am obsessed with all of the details of this gorgeous decanter. It’s rose top and hand cut accents are Mexican inspired and are such a gorgeous bar topping piece that can serve as a vase-like piece of art year-round.
  3. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Throw Blanket – This luxury soft blanket is amazing! A throw blanket really adds a finishing touch to your bed or sofa, and of course, comes in handy when you need to warm up. This is perfect for winter time but works all year round as a gorgeous accessory in the home.
  4. Sage Smudge Kit – If you have a new homeowner, nothing says welcome like cleansing your home of any bad vibes! A smudge kit is used for healing, protecting, and cleansing a space, and is the most unique gift you can give to your friend who loves all the good energy.
  5. Michael Aram Gold Orchid Champagne Bucket – For home entertaining, a champagne or ice bucket is a must. This is one of the most unique pieces I have ever seen! The handcrafted metalworking done to create the orchids that surround the bucket, make it anything but ordinary. This would definitely be a showstopper at any party!



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