Happy 2019 everyone! We are so thrilled to get started on many amazing projects this year, and finish up a few incredible others as well! For the month of January we want to start you off feeling inspired, so we are officially declaring January #RENOVATIONMONTH! 

Before interior design snapshot


Each week we will be sharing a tip on surviving your home renovation so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed to even begin your project, or too shy to ask for some help to make your life and renovation, much easier!

After interior design snapshot


Tip # 1: Pretend you’re Moving Out

If you’ve ever had to move, you know that it requires more than just packing up. Treat your remodel like a big move, that means wrapping and storing important things that could be damaged or even just become full of dust and have to be cleaned after construction. Get rid of things you don’t want to have or don’t use anymore, and your house will feel even more brand new when you move back in.

Back next week with our next tip to get you prepared for your home renovation in 2019!

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