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How To Survive Your Home Renovation : Part II

How to Survive Your Home Renovation : Part II

Welcome back! If you didnt catch part one of our “How to Survive Your Home Rennovation,” check it out and follow along this month as we provide steps for your ultimate home remodel survival guide.

This week’s tip is important for the safety and peace of mind of your entire family during a time when your home is essentially a construction zone.

Happy embracing couple planning their home kitchen furnishing renovation. Sketch kitchen drawing.

Make a Safety Zone & A Home Within a Home

One of the hardest parts of living through a renovation is the dust, and chemicals. Talk to your designer about the steps you can take so that you don’t experience any of the long term effects of this process. You can also have your design team set up a safety zone for entering and exiting the house without interfering with the work being done.

The easiest way to be sure you’re prepared for your next big home renovation is to work with an interior designer. We would love to hear about your next project! Fill out our short design survey, and let’s make something beautiful!

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