Now going Navy can seem like a scary jump & many might feel like their room or home will appear “dark” or unwelcoming but that doesn’t have to be! It’s just switching your thought process.. incorporating lighter, neutral pieces of furniture & layered rugs. Adding multiple pops of color & patterns whether its a vibrant or monochromatic mix is another way to beautifully contrast with the dark. Creating a gallery wall or hanging colorful art pieces can also be a way to break up a deep navy wall! Below are some Gorgeous examples! All images via HOUZZ
ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-05 ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-03 ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-06 ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-04 ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-08 ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-09 ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-01 ARI-Blog-Ways-To-Do-Navy-Walls-02

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