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At Anne Rue Interiors we are proud to offer inclusive design services. It is our priority to keep you informed throughout each step of the design process. While we are always on the forefront of current trends, our foundation of over 20 years of design experience ensures each project is approached with an original and imaginative eye. Below is the process you can expect during your design project.

1. Consultation

Welcome, we are thrilled to get to know you! Our initial meeting will take place at our studio. This collaborative client and designer meeting is meant to ensure that the proposed project is the right fit for both parties. We will discuss your goals, preferred design aesthetic, design inspirations, and desired timeline. We will also review a standard ARI contract and discuss design fees and budgets.


2. Proposal

Happy embracing couple planning their home kitchen furnishing renovation. Sketch kitchen drawing.

With the information gathered from our consultation, ARI will outline the project scope, design fees, retainer, and terms and conditions. Once the proposal is signed, and your design retainer has been collected, we immediately begin working on your project.

3. Onsite Meeting

We will coordinate an onsite meeting with all tradesmen and contractors involved in the design/renovation/building process to discuss the project scope, measure the space, and take “before” photos. From there, each tradesmen and contractor will gather the information they need to provide their own written estimates outlining the scope of their work and cost of labor.

Construction Plans

4. Design Development

Onsite Interior Design Meeting in Florida

This is the fun part! Our creative collaboration begins, and our team gets to work. We develop our design concept with space planning, renderings, elevations, color schemes, and finishes. Once you’re on board with our vision, we source all products and receive quotes of all design related items. We can then prepare a design presentation and comprehensive project estimate.

5. Client Presentation

We will meet again in our studio to present a full design presentation. This will include all renderings, color schemes, finishes, and a full estimate breaking down the cost of all products. If revisions are requested, we will have a second presentation meeting to showcase any changes or adjustments.

Florida Interior Design Presentation to client

6. Procurement and Project Management

Image of designer furniture shop with exclusive furniture for interior

Now you can sit back, relax, and let us do all the work! During this stage, we issue purchase orders, communicate with vendors to determine lead times, and ensure that your timeline stays on track. You will receive weekly updates via email on the status of all items. Each item received at our warehouse goes through our extensive quality control process. We ensure everything that arrives is in perfect condition, labeled, and stored safely. In the event of damaged goods, we work with our vendor to correct the issue.

7. Installation

Are you excited now? We are! Now that everything has been received in our warehouse, installation can begin! This process generally takes 2-3 days with window treatments and lighting going in first, and furniture and accent pieces going in last.

Florida Interior Design Installation

8. Styling and Photography

Anne Rue Interiors _ Lake Mary, FL _ Vanessa Boy (104 of 71)

Almost done! During this step, final touches are completed, and accessories are placed exactly where you’ll love them. We’ve worked hard to make this house feel like your home and we want everything to be perfect down to the final lamp being lit. Our professional photographer will be on hand taking photos of the completed project.

9. Project Reveal and Client Walk-Through

This is it! Your vision has come to life and we are thrilled to welcome you to your dream home. We will walk through each room, inspect all items, and show you the features and benefits of each of them. Pop the champagne, it’s time for a toast to you and your new home!


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