Jeff Lewis is back!! It’s been way too long since we have been exposed to the dysfunctional family of Jeff, Jenny & Zoila. Bring on the sarcasm, insults & bitching!

Unlike the documentary style of “Flipping Out”, Bravo’s new series “Interior Therapy” will feature weekly’ before and after’ renovations where Jeff, Jenny and Zoila (yes, Zoila too) will move in with a new family each week! It will be a fun change to see more of Jeff’s completed design transformations! Not to mention the added drama of an OCD Interior designer living with a random family every week! Ahh, can’t wait!!

I am not sure what I am looking forward to more, Jeff’s designs or Zoila saying “Shut up Jeffery!!” The show starts this Wednesday, March 14h, at 9 PM/8 PM C on Bravo!

Check out their new promo! Seriously so excited!

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis Promo Video!

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