Good Morning!!

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th & holiday weekend! Now it’s back to the grind, but when you’re starting out the day with this fabulous piece of art who cares! This is definitely not your ordinary buffet. We are drooling over this colorful, commissioned artisan glass buffet by Vanguard Furniture. What an amazing statement piece this could make for a chic, contemporary dining space or in a fun & eclectic family room! We definitely see us utilizing this piece in the future. Price is upon request but who cares when this gorgeous gem is staring back at you!

ARI-Blog-Vanguard-Furniture-Buffet-Love-01  ARI-Blog-Vanguard-Furniture-Buffet-Love-04ARI-Blog-Vanguard-Furniture-Buffet-Love-02ARI-Blog-Vanguard-Furniture-Buffet-Love-05ARI-Blog-Vanguard-Furniture-Buffet-Love-03ARI-Blog-Vanguard-Furniture-Buffet-Love-07

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