The famous Old Family Dining Room in The White House has once again received a fresh face & we thought it would be fun to take a look back at all the transitions it has undergone since the Truman Presidency in 1952! What’s really unique about the room is how certain pieces have remain unchanged over the past 63 years, like the chandelier and both the dining and buffet tables. Yet, by switching up only a few other key elements, Michelle was able to completely transform the look, feel & style of the space!

Michelle Obama Design

The most dramatic change? While we want to say the wall color & now massive amounts of missing yellow, easily seen when comparing the rooms previous design below, our eyes can’t help but be immediately drawn to the new pieces of abstract artwork, which is a favorite style of The Obama’s.  The piece that stands out the most & is now the only bit of yellow in the room is the North wall’s Resurrection by Alma Thomas, now the first Female African American artist to grace The White House walls!

The other 3 major changes? The previously mentioned nix of yellow with some on trend light grey walls, a new contemporary area rug & new red draperies, which were inspired by the less-formal ones installed by Mrs. Kennedy in 1963. With what seems like such few changes, the new space is a complete 180 from the previous design! She didn’t even have to re-upholster the dining chairs!

 Old Family Dining Room 2015

Then we have Jackie Kennedy’s update completed in 1963. You can see the less-formal draperies that were installed which inspired the current First Lady’s most recent design!

Old Family Dining Room 1963

But what’s my favorite?! It’s going to have to be President Truman’s Dining Room back in 1952!

Why? It’s all because of the height on those killer draperies!! Now, I can’t say I love every element in this design, but the scaling is definitely on point. I’m always trying to convince my clients that a splurge on some badass draperies can help a room look that much more grand and are totally worth the extra $$! I could have gone without all that red though, just saying..

Do you have a favorite?! We’re curious to know!

Old Family Dining Room 1952


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