Multifamily Housing

You’ll find that we have solutions to all your multifamily project needs from full-service interior design, color schemes and merchandising.



When stepping into your community, your buyers will be excited with the amenities they’ve been looking for. You’ve created amazing spaces for them to entertain. Spaces that have been designed to engage with your buyers.

You’ll find that we have solutions to all your multifamily project needs from full interior design, color schemes, to merchandising. From large to small scale we have the award-winning expertise to deliver on-time and within budget.

We go above and beyond in service when creating your one-of-a-kind design. Our talented designers’ objective is to bring out the best in your products. The look and feel of your newly designed models and clubhouse will leave your potential buyers impressed and ready to lease.

Each community is unique and specifically designed for your target market. Our interior design will give you a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Senior housing

We understand the quality, durability, and features your residents want. From function to flow your residents will have the safety they need and the sophistication they expect. Your clients will feel right at home.

The use of anti-microbial and high-performance fabrics, stunning artwork, and appropriately sized furnishings are part of our designs.  We create rooms that look and feel like home. Spaces that include mood-lifting color schemes to suggest calm, cheerful, or familiar. A feeling like you belong.

You can depend on Anne Rue Interiors to create the perfect environment for your senior housing project, on-time, and on budget


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