I knew with this HGTV Star experience I would get the good with the bad & that being said, I received my first hate mail yesterday! I know this shouldn’t make me happy but it thrills me to death & I can’t help but laugh every time I read it! I’m sorta not surprised considering the drama portrayed between Boris & I on sunday’s episode but not everything is the way it seems 🙂

Anyways without further delay, my first hate mail experience can now be yours..

——“NOT very professional of you to throw a competitor under the bus…  It was YOUR job to do your own follow up on obtaining the items YOU needed for your room.  Holding someone else accountable for YOUR work was wrong.  YOU did not do what YOU were supposed to do…  As a so called “pro” you did not act it last night.  You  were too high and mighty for your own good…you are not all that and  a bag of chips…  Guess every show must have it’s biatch…!!!!!!!” —–

.. I still just have to smile 🙂



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