Anne Rue My home's White Marble Countertops

Most of you know I recently moved into my new home & did a complete overhaul! We are still not completely done but I have been trying to show you bits and pieces before seeing the final product! Any of you that know me, know I love to change up my house all the time (the curse of being a designer) so I try to keep my spaces neutral, using accents for pops of color! Since I was going for a more modern feel with this home, I opted for a white & gray marble counter along with the solid white cabinets. Marble is all over the place lately & I have picked out a few of my recent marble loves below!! However, my kitchen is still my fav 🙂 Lovin’ it!Trend---White-and-Gray-marble-countertops White-Marble-Countertops Trend-Watch---White-Marble-Countertops Trends---Marble-Countertops


// Anne Rue is an Interior Designer located in the Orlando, Central Florida, Lake Mary area focusing on residential & commercial design. //

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