I was told the wine never leaves Napa & now I know why! Fabulous is an understatement.

Since the plan was to head out to San Francisco for Bri’s & Angela’s Blogshop class, My sister and I thought it would be fun to make a trip out of it and take my mom to Napa’s wine country for her 70th birthday! We planned a private driver for the first day where we visited some of my sisters favorite boutique wineries. Day 2 was spent hiking & at the gorgeous spa, Villagio & day 3 was a bike & wine tour where we biked to more wineries trying yet more yummy wine. By the end of the trip I belonged to several different wine clubs so I guess you could say the wine was good?! Ah, what a fabulous trip! Now just looking forward to getting my first case of wine!

One of our first stops was Aonair. Their wine was to die for.

Elan Vineyards was another amazing stop. The views were breathtaking!

Some pictures of our amazing hotel, Yountville

Biking day pictures!





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