In light of our society’s increasing awareness of the power of being woman and all things feminism, we’re going to be honoring one woman each month who’s killing it at life. We’re talking movers, shakers, and tastemakers that took a leap for what they love. The first chick we’ll be bragging on is Kristine Chien, the heart and brains behind Two Palms. Based in Miami Beach, Two Palms Art Collective believes that “art is the poetry of sight and every wall deserves a good piece.” We couldn’t agree more. We also really dig their collection and for obvious reasons … check out our favorite pieces.

We scored a few minutes with Kristine and picked her brain for answers to a few of our burning questions. The verdict? Kristine is just as inspiring as her art selections.


Give us the elevator speech for Two Palms. Ready, go!


“Every wall deserves a good piece.” Progressive design and a celebration of visual delight is the core of Two Palms. We design, curate, and make fresh, gallery-quality art prints that will perfectly polish your blank walls and give your space the character it deserves. We source artwork from a global community of independent artists and incorporate our innovative finishing touches throughout the collection to make beautiful combinations unseen in the traditional market.

Having 30 years of art-printing experience, we know how to delivery a quality print. We print on a range of plexiglas (acrylic), metal (aluminum), wood, canvas, and photo paper. All of our products are made in the USA and assembled and inspected by hand in our Miami Beach studio. Because we manufacture everything in our studio by the palms of our two hands, we guarantee everything is made with quality and care.


What did you do prior to starting your business and what inspired you to branch out?


Prior to starting Two Palms, I was in the healthcare industry but the art and design world had always had my eyes and heart. A few years into my healthcare career, I found myself day dreaming more and more about the possibilities of a new art company offering innovative designs and finishing that I found to be lacking in the current landscape. I really love the effect a piece of art has on a room – it’s one of the most defining characteristics of a room.


What qualities do you look for in the artists you select?


We consider Two Palms to be very eclectic. With that said, there are certain overarching themes we look for in the artists we partner with. Firstly, we look for artists that have something new or refreshing to offer. Although the topics or trends explored in their work can sometimes be traditional, there will be a new technique or perspective that piques our interest. We really enjoy artists who can appreciate and intuit the finishing techniques we bring to the table to pack an extra punch in the print.


Favorite piece currently?

Diamond Moons on Plexiglas. It’s a great remix of a traditional subject with a modern finish.

Word of advice for other business women in the early stages of start-up?


I have a mantra that I always keep in mind: “The more you know, the less you need.”
What it means for me is, be the most knowledgeable in your field, always learn so you can be an invaluable resource to your industry.


Check out the collection at Two Palms by visiting their website here. Follow them on social media for even more inspiration.


Stay Inspired,


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