Well, I have to say, there was more bad than good on the red carpet at this years Grammys! I did not stay up for the entire show so I can’t tell you how the performances were but in my opinion the red carpet was awful!

Lets start with Adam Levine! He looks great but his wife… what was she trying to prove? She has a great body but this is not a Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue! What was she thinking.

And again!!

I can’t even go here!!! Sacrilegious!

I love Taylor Swift but I hated this dress & hair!!

What is up with the bad shoes too!!!


Love Katy but what when wrong?? Post-divorce is effecting her!

OK, I know for a fact that Fergie is super tiny so why does she look like a heffer here??

So, Julianne Hough is the most beautiful person in the world & this is what she looked like last night?? It’s just wrong.

Bless her heart! She will just never look good. Lets pray for her.

I have not words for this!

Now for the good! Or the best from what I had to chose from!

Love! Love! Love! Rihanna.

Bruno is HOT!

Love Carrie. Always classic.

OK, I am not sure about the gray hair but I think Kelly looks great!

Classic Adele!

 BEST DRESSED: Adele hit it out of the park with her sparkling black Giorgio Armani gown. Not to mention all the Grammy's she also picked up throughout the night.

Not a fan of Paris but she looks good.

 Where there's a red carpet, there's Paris Hilton.

Kathy Griffin gets better with age or, should I say, with every plastic surgery! Good for her.

 Kathy Griffin's form-fitting gown was a red carpet hit.


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