I love when lots of different textures & patterns come together to create such a sleek room! I have seen & loved Greg Natale’s work before & he’s definitely got the stuff. Most people would see the colors of this room & think a gold accented headboard would be a nightmare but it totally works!! Now, I still think a sleek silver headboard would look PHENOM but also believe it’d be totally lost against the busy wallpaper, changing the entire feel of the room. The gold was a perfect way to break up the wall & allow you to appreciate the wallpaper, not get lost in it. Add to that a dainty floral light fixture & a few pops of purple for that feminine finishing touch! Adore.

ARI Blog Spaces Gothic Glam 03 ARI-Blog-Spaces-Gothic-Glam-04 ARI-Blog-Spaces-Gothic-Glam-02

Image source: gregnatale.com

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