1.    Add Pops of Color

Accent your home “summer-style” by adding bright colors in the simplest places. Start with your living areas. One easy replacement to re-cover or switch out accent pillows and replace your fuzzy winter throw blankets with lighter fabric and brighter color choices.  You can temporarily store your current accents on the mantle, coffee table, or in the entryway to add color with accessories like citrus-y candles, books with colorful covers, and vases that pop.

  1.    Amp Up the Bar

Think about what you want to sip on while you’re laying at the pool. Is it a margarita, a pina colada, or even a frozen lemonade? Update your bar with summer drink ingredients like sparkling water, lemons, limes, oranges, and herb options too! Use cups and straws with colors that remind you of vacationing in a tropical oasis. When guests arrive have a pitcher full of something fresh waiting to make your bar space extra summer-y! [vc_single_image image=”18481″ alignment=”center”]

  1.    Bring the Outside In

The addition of plants and flowers in any area of the home can really change your space. Take flowers from your own garden or research what’s in bloom locally. Visit a nursery or hardware store near you to find out which plants smell best, and are the least maintenance for indoor additions. Mixing succulents, bright flowers, and other leafy potted plants will give your home the summer upgrade you’re looking for.

  1.    Add a Counter or Table Out Back

You can create your own outdoor space by adding a lightweight long table that is easy to use, and functional for a patio party. If your table is staying outside, look for those made of teak, concrete, and aluminum, as they are durable materials that will last through the elements. You can even pull up your own tall slim table to a window that looks outdoors, or purchase a hanging shelf that stores outdoor dinnerware and doubles as a bar.

  1.    Sweeten Up Your Accents

If you have hurricane vases with candles, replace or surround the candles with fake fruit or bright potpourri. Stage your table with summer accents like festive cloth napkins, a funky table runner and placemats, or seasonal china. Additionally you can throw pillows or upholstered seats on the bottoms of your chairs with different fabrics to match the season.

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