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Styling Your Fireplace

Styling Your Fireplace

A fireplace is usually the focal point of the room. Since we live in Florida, we are quite obviously not using ours to warm up year round, so instead I see it as a piece of art. You can style your fireplace to match your mood, the season, or simply add to the aesthetic of your space. I love that you can change what’s on and around it as little or as often as you want and it provides a fresh update to the room. The antique fireplace in my living room is one of my favorite finds. Here are a four different ways I styled my fireplace, all photographed by the lovely Vanessa Boy.

Classic & Sophisticated
Anne Rue Interiors _ Lake Mary, FL _ Vanessa Boy (144 of 71)

Art: Marc Pulliam

This version of my fireplace suits the antique factor well. Going sleek with dark accessories makes for an upscale motif. I love to do this for a dinner party, or during winter time.

Simple and Eloquent
Anne Rue Interiors _ Lake Mary, FL _ Vanessa Boy (150 of 71)

Angel Wings: Atillia Studio
Art: Leftbank Art

I love this look, it just feels beautiful and happy. I could really leave this up any time of year and it would feel right.

Clean & Traditional
Anne Rue Interiors _ Lake Mary, FL _ Vanessa Boy (179 of 13)

Art: Natural Curiosities

Doesn’t this feel elegant? Sometimes less is more! This backdrop is light and bright with minimal elements. It makes me feel like my home is a gallery, but still cozy and welcoming.

Fun & Funky
Anne Rue Interiors _ Lake Mary, FL _ Vanessa Boy (120 of 71)

Art: Axiom Fine Art

Last but certainly not least, you know I love color, so this one may be my favorite. It’s so much fun to mix antiques with brighter more modern pieces. When it’s done right, it perfectly incorporates everyone’s style. This screams summer, but it also screams “Anne Rue,” and I could probably leave it up all year.

Thanks for checking us out, let us know which one is your favorite!

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