Working from home definitely has its pros and cons. For example, con: you might find yourself scrolling through dog accounts on Instagram without realizing that it’s already 5 pm and you haven’t gotten any work done. However, we try to look at the bright side of things. One of the biggest pros of working from home is that you get to design your home office however you please. Want to paint the walls pink? Go for it; Jerry from the cubicle over can’t stop you. Think a standing desk would suit you better? Your boss doesn’t get to decide whether you sit or stand anymore. You do you, boo! Keep reading below to find out our top tips for designing your home office while keeping comfort, productivity, and accessibility in mind:

 Combining comfort and chic.

When working from home, it’s not uncommon to find yourself working “overtime” most days. To compensate for the long hours of sitting, it’s important to find a desk chair that’s comfortable without compromising on style. We recommend a chair that’s ergonomically correct — featuring lumbar support, head rest, adjustable arms and height. Fake leather = sweat fest. Go with mesh fabrics rather than real leather, as they breathe better and won’t make you sweat. If you’re looking to invest in a desk chair (over $500), we like the Langston Conference Chair by Hooker Furniture or the Herman Miller Sayl office chair. For something a bit cheaper (under $200), the Ikea Markus swivel chair, and the Amazon Office Essentials Mesh Back swivel desk chair are great options. 

Be selective about your technology. 

We love technology, however, less is definitely more when it comes to your home office. Like I said, working from home can be dangerous with distractions that come in the form of social media, netflix, youtube, podcasts etc. We recommend only incorporating the technology you need in your home office — usually, only your laptop or desktop computer. Unless your job is social media, it’s best to keep your cell phone out of the room or out of reach when sitting at your desk (remember what I said about the dog accounts on instagram). You can send emails from your computer or call using a business phone. Consider setting up a speaker or installing Sonos into the office so you can have some background music while you work. 

Incorporate things that inspire you. 

No one wants to spend 12 hours a day sitting in a room that doesn’t spark joy. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and only bring things into your office that make you happy and inspire you. Remember, this is your space, if that crystal you got from a rock shop on that road trip brings good vibes, set it on your windowsill! If your kids sub-par drawing of your family portrait makes you smile, stick that baby on the wall! Design a home office that you like and actually want to spend time in. 

Choose your color.

For a feminine office, we love using blush pink, tiffany blues, and any pastel in general. For a more masculine office, go with charcoal, navy, and blacks or browns. If you want the office to give off a unisex vibe, choose more classic and organic colors like navy and greens that don’t speak to gender. If you’re sharing the office with your husband, wife or business partner, communicate with them and pick a color you both like and agree on.


Because they’re fun, liven up any space that they’re in, and will make you forget that you’re spending all day indoors. #HomeOfficeOrBotanicGarden?

The necessities. 

Photos via Target

Shopping for office supplies is both the best and worst part of building your home office. If you’re anything like us, going to Target with a list and sticking to it is pretty impossible. None of us remember putting coffee mugs, candles, face masks, and a new pajama set on the list, but they’re definitely coming home with us, right? If you’re looking for trendy supplies like gold staplers, paperclips, and scissors, Target is your place. However, we recommend hitting the container store for all your office storage needs, and checking out Martha Stewart’s office line to find supplies and storage that coordinate with your theme. 

All in all. 

Make your home office a space that is comfortable and happy. We all know that work days can be long, design an office you love to make the hours and work seem effortless.

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