Tom Petty was soo amazing!! Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to! The night started off at Wally’s, a total Orlando dive bar! What I loved most about it was the “Wallpaper from the 70’s” wallpaper on the wall, the same we blogged about a few weeks ago! It looked so fabulous!!  Best part, the drinks were only $2 & strong! 3 shots of bourbon & a splash of sprite was all that was allowed. (We were called weak if we couldn’t hand it!) Oh & how could I forget the Biker dudes across the bar that bought my sister in law, Kelly & I a round of lemon drops & wait for it..Liquid Cocaine shots!! I am proud to say that I was not too badly affected by the second but it’s definitely a rough one! We did have one hiccup in the night involving the tickets. Yes, the tickets.. Thanks to my well organized sister in law, our printed tickets were classically left on her kitchen counter top. But as we were about to leave the parking lot & head to her downtown office to print off another set, “Parking Attendant Lady” came to the rescue and let us use her printer! Crises averted & besides missing the first act the rest of the night went as perfect & amazing as possible!! Such a blast!

Biker Dude & his shots!

Loved the wallpaper!

Tom Petty!

American Girl!






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