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Weekend Getaway to Savannah, Georgia


Wait, it’s March already? Does anyone else say this every year? I’m so happy to be moving closer to spring! It’s the perfect time to visit cities like Savannah, Georgia. If you catch it on a nice weekend like I did, this city has just about everything I want in a close weekend getaway: culture, history, beautiful architecture, and delicious food! Here is a quick photo journal from my recent weekend rendezvous in Savannah.


In historic towns like Savannah, every entryway tells a story. Each colorful door and carefully placed brick leaves you wondering who might live behind it now, or what may have been there in the past.

Interior Design Savannah, GA
Interior Design Savannah, GA

I stayed at The Brice Hotel, pictured above. I loved the design description of “rebellious elegance,” they had on their site, that they called “torn between southern belle and jezelbel,” amazing, right? Outside, this hotel gives you all the southern charm, and inside pops of color add a fun surprise to the sleek modern designs inside the hotel.

Interior Design Savannah, GA
Interior Design Savannah, GA
Interior Design Savannah, GA

It’s easy to fall in love with a town like Savannah. The people are charming and friendly with a touch of sass and the historic designs are no different. Where might we head next?

Always Inspired,
Anne Rue

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