I love my mom, but It seems like every May, Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me. Thankfully, I’m really great at last minute gift buying. If you’re anything like me and are just now getting around to Mother’s Day shopping, here are some awesome gift ideas your mom will love (and never know you almost forgot).

1. Flowers- Everyone loves flowers. Especially Moms. Send her some Peonies with a thoughtful note!

2. Garden Pots- Keeping with the nature theme, garden pots are such a cute gift. The fun thing about them is you can totally pick them out according to your mom’s style, taste, and personality! We love these fun ones from Anthropologie (& they’re on sale).

3. Massage- I don’t know about you, but my mom never slows down. Treat your mama to a little R&R to show your appreciation for her #hustle.

4. Throw Blanket- Nothing is as comforting as your mom, except maybe these throw blankets.

5. Pitcher- Since it’s almost summer, get your mom a lovely pitcher she can make sun tea with or serve fruit water in like this one!

6. Serving trays- There’s something about a serving tray, warm weather, and great women that just go well together. Buy your mom some new serving trays for breakfast in bed, afternoon tea, or evening drinks outside!

7. Apron- We love this adorably chic, elegant, and fun apron from Anthropologie.

8. Calendar- Mom’s love a good agenda. Upgrade her schedule with a colorful new calendar like this one, and a mother-daughter date already planned and penciled in!

9. Coffee table books- Gift your mom some inspiring and chic coffee table books like these: Blooms: Contemporary Floral Design, La Grotta: Ice Creams & Sorbets, The Art of Outdoor Living: Gardens for Entertaining Family and Friends.

10. Wine subscription- There’s no reason to whine when you’ve got wine! Your mom will so appreciate a wine subscription gift. Plus, she’ll need someone to share the bottle with her #WinWin.

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